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The GeoPolRisk Tool

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About us

Supporting Organisations and Projects

The Cyvi Group

The GeoPolRisk method based on which this tool is built was conceived at the CyVi group, an interdisciplinary group of scientist based at the University of Bordeaux in the Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM).

The CyVi Group is headed by Guido Sonnemann, full-professor at the University of Bordeaux. The permanent members include Philippe Loubet, assistant professor at Bordeaux INP, and Emmanuel Mignard, CNRS researcher. The group has post-doctoral researchers, PhD students, master students and engineers.

The objectives of the research carried out in the CyVi Group is to apply and develop methodologies for assessing the environmental impacts and use of natural resource, in particular life cycle assessment (LCA).

The TripleLink Project

The TripleLink project aims to provide the processing value chains in the raw materials sector with an integrated assessment tool.

Through the link of the existing software(HSC Chemistry, openLCA and the GeoPolRisk tool), TripleLink will allow improvements to product-oriented assessment and the circularity of products.

It will also provide the possibility to calculate resource indicators describing criticality from a resource-economic perspective and from a conflict perspective, with simple application and clear interpretation.

The GeoPolRisk method

The GeoPolRisk method was developed to calculate the supply risk of a resource from the point of view of a country, region, or group of countries and serves to complement environmen- tal indicators in LCA.

The geopolrisk-py library

The geopolrisk-py is an open-source python based library that operationalizes the GeoPolRisk method. The GeoPolRisk tool is built on the framework of geopolrisk-py library.